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Workstation Products

Open ports in your workstations is a possible threat to your valuable data.Allowing access of infected personal device is a security threat for companies.Block all empty ports physically and lock the cables into the port to prevent any malicious attempt via physical route.Avoid visitors from joining your network and accessing your trade secrets

Workstation Products Page. Please click on the individual products for more detailed information.

USB Port Lock

USB-B Port Lock

Link Lock

Link Lock Hub

Serial Port Lock

DVI Port Lock

CF Port Lock


HDMI Port Lock

ODD Lock

BNC Port Lock

PC Lock (Combination)

Laptop Lock (Combination)

Mini USB-B Port Lock

Micro USB-B Port Lock

Universal Lock Key

USB-C Port Lock Plus

Link On

Secure Drive

Secure Connector

Parellel Port Lock

SD Port Lock

E-SATA Port Lock

Display Port Lock

Laptop Lock Type-C

USB Closing Lock

PC Lock (Key)

Lock Key Mini

Mini Display Port Lock

USB-C Port Lock

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