Essential Series - Smartkeeper

Essential Series

SMARTKEEPER ESSENTIAL is a distribution product of SMARTKEEPER designed to distinguish patterns by color. It supports all ports supported by SMARTKEEPER PRO, from blockers of input/output ports to locks of USB devices and LAN cables. Most lock products can be unlocked with same colored Lock Key Basic or Lock Key Mini.

While previously available only in commercial settings, the SMARTKEEPER portfolio is now available for the general public! Scalability A common key can be used across a wide range of solutions. Features Physical security solutions you can rely on.

What about other devices in use when the USB ports are secured? What if you want to use a USB memory drive? Is there a way to control multiple USB ports? How about other device ports?

• Provide a full line-up of physical security solutions for a variety of port types

(Tether USB devices and network cables)

• Prevents theft of laptops, PCs and internal components

(Simple common key solution for easy installation and maintenance)

• Reduce risk while saving money

• Scalability: Wide range of products (27 types) . Up to 7 color coded patterns

• A single key can unlock a variety of solutions

• Durable and easy to use

The market’s only complete portfolio of physical security solutions

Lock Key Basic

USB Port Lock

Lockable Flash Drive

Smart Data Blocker

Network Module Lock 4P

Network Module Lock 8P

DVI Port Lock

Parallel Port Lock

USB-C Port Lock

Mini USB-B Port Lock

Mini Display Port Lock

SD Port Lock

USB Closing Lock

PC Lock (Combination)

RJ45 Dust Cover

Keyboard/Mouse Lock

USB Cable Lock

RJ45 Port Lock

LAN Cable Lock

Network Module Lock P12

Serial Port Lock

Lock Key Mini

USB-B Port Lock

Micro USB-B Port Lock

Display Port Lock

CF Port Lock

RJ11 Port Lock

Laptop Lock (Combination)

Mouse Holder

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